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Close personal relationships are the fabric of which lifelong friendships are woven.  And everything at Straus Park is designed with friendship in mind.  Here, it’s not unusual for people to take a stroll to United Community Bank, visit their friends at IJL/Wachovia and Fisher Realty, or stop in to schedule an appointment with a physician at Park Place, Straus Park’s professional services center.

It's a return to a more relaxed, civilized way of life. To a place where people know your community, know your needs - and know your name. You'll enjoy banking and doing business with people who, like you, are committed to the area. The close proximity and easy access to these offices may even tempt you to transact your business in person more often - just think of all the voice mail menus you'll avoid!

The benefits are obvious and the location is perfect. Park Place makes doing business simpler and more convenient than you ever thought it could be.


Fisher Realty | 10 Park Place West | Brevard, NC 28712 | 828-883-9895 |